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Dear Lou, could you please post:

Diana Johnstone said that

"Personally, I am certainly not here to support Milosevic -- Yugoslav
politics are the business of the Yugoslavs, not my business. I am here to
express solidarity with the people of Yugoslavia"

The problem lies in that Milosevic`s fate is not a domestic Yugoslav issue
any more, but an international one. He is under persecution and harassment
by the coligated states of the Western alliance, and under menace of
illegal detention by mandate of those same powers who are behind the
eventual trial (that would follow his detention) by the also illegal,
retaliatory, and puppet court at the Hague.

The sponsors of these actions are not then the Yugoslavs (as Diana J.´s
position would imply), but the powers of the West. That is, the appeal to
arrest Milosevic or the attacks on him are not "Yugoslav politics", being
now Yugoslav domestic politics a de facto chapter of international politics
through direct foreign sponsorship of the ruling coalition. There has
appeared in Yugoslavia a regime that can survive only on Western backing,
and although it is true that only Yugoslavs should get rid of this regime,
it is also true that those in the West who are against these outrageous
issues must act in support of the Yugoslav people by denouncing the attempt
to put Milosevic in prison.

This is particularly true for those who, like Diana J., reside and act in
one of the Western powers in the NATO.

Milosevic is not important in himself. Milosevic´s eventual mistakes (and
even his _alleged_ crimes) will be dealt with by the Yugoslavs. But the
attempts to put him in jail are a clear case of intervention in the
domestic issues of a country by foreign powers who are interested in
breaking the back of popular rejection of their own measures in Yugoslavia.
I had an idea -maybe I am old-fashioned- that such attempts were to be
rejected by progressives the world over.

The case being that Milosevíc´s arrest is a matter of the greatest
international importance, however, if he goes to jail, the sense of
national dignity and independence of the Yugoslav people will go to jail.
This is precisely why the IMF and the USA have informed to whoever who
wanted to know that they will not release a single cent even to the puppet
regime today "ruling" Belgrade unless he is not sent to jail. They are very
very serious people.


Louis Proyect
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