Foot and Mouth Genesis- An Eco-Marxist Explanation

Tony Abdo aabdo at
Wed Mar 28 10:51:25 MST 2001

Paddy....<Tony Abdo is on his "organic" trip again ->

Hey, well what a cute way to say that I am full of shit.     But the
question rapidly becomes one of why you would prefer that shit used for
agrculture, should be silly putty instead?      You say that you are
following an 'evangelical' called Karl!    And that Karl was an advocate
of 'frankenstein foods', and 'frankenstein agriculture'.

<Now ALL arable farming requires chemical intervention (whether from
industrial chemicals or FYM (= farmyard manure) - as plant nutrients
removes off farm in the crop must be replaced to avoid reducing crop
yields and desertification (remember the US dust-bowl of the 30s ? -
where small farmers could not afford to buy fertilizer).>

Gee, I thought it was because they couldn't make the payments for the
bank?    And that overworking the land led to it being degraded in a
time of drought?    You tell us that it was a manure shortage, and that
they didn't yet have enough of the advantages of modern chemistry!

Your view of food science almost seems to be like a bad science fiction
story, where a mad scientist tries to scientifically make the most
perfect food possible..... total nutrition served in a small 1/2 cm.
cube.    Makes my mouth water, this science of yours.      That's the
meaning off the word 'monoculture', NFHS Member #5594.

<And what does this word "monoculture" signify ->


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