Hoof and mouth disease

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>Charles Brown wrote:
> >Hey, don't animal rights activists and ex-LMers agree in opposing
> >slaughter of the h and m diseased animals ?
> >I don't think either animal rights activists or ex-LMers are opposing the
> >slaughter of *diseased* animals.  What is being objected to is the *mass
> >slaughter of healthy animals* as the hoof and mouth panic takes on all the
> >signs of a crazed medieval crusade.
> >Philip Ferguson

Philip, can you provide reference for this? that ex-Lmers (whoever they
are) are opposing the slaughter of healthy animals? It seems to me that
what you say about the food and mouth _panic_  matches with the current
thinking of LM, albeit unintentionally. In the recent issue posted by Lou,
LMers are attacking animal rights groups on the grounds that they are
causing *moral panic* by moralizing the enviromental consequences of
capitalism on animals. So Lm's argument seems to be that, not so many
animals are effected by the disease as animal rights supporters would
claim; and their *moral panic* is the cause of state's destroying of
healthy animals and an obstacle to progress in modern agriculture. briefly,
this is what I understand from LM's ways of thinking

(btw, LM's attack at anti-racism and anti-sexism fighters are along the
same discourse of moral panic too. since we have opened a topic on
anti-reperations issue, does anyone know what LM thinks about Brown
protests or the issue of reperations in general? ).

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