Cuba, USSR and Africa

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<< Fidel himself has pointed out that the Cuban revolution could not
 take place today, in a world without the USSR. >>

What did Castro actually say, and in what context?  The implications of what
you're saying he said are that it is impossible to defeat the U.S. Empire
without the Soviet Union, a grim thought if true.  I think it's not - that
it's not the Soviet Union's military or economic might, but the understanding
and organization of working people that is the decisive factor.  Always.  The
failure to grasp this key point in the Soviet Union is the key to its fall, I

In another post, Mark Jones says the decisive factor in Hitler's defeat by
the Soviet Union was that Stalin was a superb wartime leader while Hitler was
inferior.  I would argue that it was the antifascism of millions of ordinary
people that beat the German Nazi's.  And of course the German army was
largely working class, a big factor despite all the Nazi indoctrination and
the deep-rooted anti-Slav racism in Germany and Austria.

A good example of this:  The German plan to invade was stalled about 2 months
because Hitler decided at the last minute to invade Yugoslavia first.  That's
because in March, '41 the Serbs overthrew their pro-Nazi government.  This
drove Hitler into a rage and he determined to punish the Serbs.  But his
forces were tied down by these untermenschen - 44 divisions if I remember
right - so Hitler invaded Russia way late and thus got caught in the Russian

The old Soviet song says "Stalin the leader with faith in the people expelled
the invader and built her [USSR] anew."  This puts matters rather upside,
wouldn't you say?


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