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Yes, I remember, this man is a petty bourgeois apologist for child labor in
the name of defending the free circulation of porn magazines (ie., moral
panic, bourgeois state interfering in individual rights kind of artistic
bullshit). No wonder why he is upset with the Brown students' "attack on
free speech"! I am not surprised.

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> >It is a little hard to figure James Heartfield's connection to LM nowadays,
> >since he posts his own newsletter called "This Week" rather than
> >contributing to their Spiked-Online website. But James was definitely upset
> >with the Brown student "attack on free speech". This should not come as a
> >surprise since those folks are free speech absolutists. Although Carrol Cox
> >has a tendency to get on my wrong side nowadays, he did write a lovely post
> >to Henwood's list to the effect that Horowitz's ad was more obscene than
> >one promoting five year old girls for prostitution. With ads like that, not
> >only should you burn the papers but blow up the buildings that print them.
> >The old coot got a lot of them young'un liberals upset, god bless his
> >nastiness.
> >Louis Proyect
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