Yugoslav Paradox

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How not to practice revolutionary journalism:

>After Serbia's Democratic Revolution:  The Yugoslav Paradox
>by Catherine Samary

> Tales of atrocities committed in Kosova began to emerge from within the
>rank and file.

Began to emerge? Like crocuses in April poking their shy heads from beneath
the cold and gloomy earth. Ah, spring!

> Its
>attraction was such that the regime came to seem more and more an

Came to seem more and more? Oh really? QUOTES? None necessary evidently.

> The ousting of the chief of the secret police, Rade Markovic, and the
>nomination of Dusan Mihajlovic, the head of "New Democracy" (ND), as
Minister of
>the Interior (who knew the Milosevic's praetorian guard "intimately" as he'd
>been around them for five years) are seen as a turn towards reining in the
>endemic corruption.

Was seen as a turn? Who done did the seeing? An invisible eye 5 miles above

> Apart from Kostunica, who has stayed at the top of all the polls, the
>economists Mladjen Dinkic, new governor of the Central Bank, and Miroljib
>Vice Prime Minister of the Federal Government, are the most popular,
>because they are seen as "experts" who stand apart from the discredited
>and because the effects of their neoliberal policies haven't been felt
>concretely, yet.

Seen as "experts". Who done seen dat. The same invisible eye?

> They plan many informational meetings with the unions. And they claim that
>Yugoslavia has already gone through its crisis of the "transition" (to
>capitalism), and that therefore all of the negative social effects are
over and
>done with. Now will come the positive effects. Only a radiant future awaits.
>That rosy vision is anything but evident.

What thumb-sucking bullshit. At least it's an improvement over Branka Magas
who blasted ATC for not backing NATO bombing of Yugoslavia only a month
after they promoted her as their number one expert on the region.

Louis Proyect
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