Cuba, USSR and Africa

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Wed Mar 28 23:06:13 MST 2001

Mark says: "I didn't say that Stalin's role was decisive. I said just the
opposite: there
are no genius leaders and great helmsmen. The decisive factor, actually, was
the organisation of Russian defence in depth; the Germans per contra bet the
farm on one throw of the dice."

Sorry if I misunderstood.  Mark's statement was" You do not have to subscribe
to weird ideas about genius leaders, great helmsmen etc, to recognise that
individuals play a role in history, and sometimes a decisive role. Just as
much as Hitler lost the war for Germany, Stalin won it for Soviet Russia".
To me that does NOT mean the opposite of "Stalin was the decisive force" but
I stand corrected.

Concerning my remark that the Yugoslavs tied down Hitler for two decisive
months, Mark says:

<< It is a well-attested fact that the Yugoslav uprising
 was directly instigated by *Stalin* as a spoiling action.  >>

This is certainly news to me. Apparently he fooled even the Yugoslaiv
Communist Party, which did not particpate, according to Partisans I have
spoken to.

I did NOT say the German army was full of leftists.  I made the point that it
is difficult to motivate an army full of WORKING CLASS PEOPLE to be fascist.

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