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[quoting Samary first]

> >  Mladjen Dinkic, new governor of the Central Bank, and Miroljib
> >  Labus, Vice Prime Minister of the Federal Government, are the most popular,
> > doubtless because they are seen as "experts" who stand apart from the discredited
> >  parties, and because the effects of their neoliberal policies haven't been felt
> > concretely, yet.
> Seen as "experts". Who done seen dat. The same invisible eye?


No. The petty bourgeois and upper intellectual workers' eyes. Samary is giving
voice to these classes, and most probably there is a process of mutual
reassurement betwenn her and her local Belgrade fans. Ms. Samary's passive
voice is thus a confession of political right-wing thought, clad in red.

It is among those petty bourgeois people and high level intellectual workers in
Belgrade, where all these fake leftists (in fact, disguised anti-Titoists, and
in the end material supporters of pro-imperialist schemas) breed. By the way,
it is a general phenomenon of semi-colonial societies, where the "enlightened"
fraction of the formation links itself, whether consciously or not is an
entirely different matter, with the "civilized" West against their own "semi-
barbarian" peoples. It is on this kind of semi-racist self-deprecating
prejudice that such kind of awareness appears, and it provides imperialists
with an essential device in order to conquer the country: a mass of people who
rally to them.

The petty bourgeois and part of the intellectual workers, particularly in
countries that are crushed by imperialism, are dreaming all the time of some
magic way out of their individual crisis, and nine times out of ten these
slumbers are cast in the mould of some profitable relationship with the


On the contents of Samary's sorry comments.

Experts these people are, however, particularly in tying chains to the country.
Yugoslavia, luckily for its residents, had no foreign banks within its
territory up to now. Two are preparing to establish their Yugoslav headquarters
within a few weeks, and other two a bit later. The first ones will be Austrian,
the second, German.

That is, "at last we managed to establish ourselves in Yugoslavia" (fake but
not at all misled quote of some Hitlerian irredentist...). And please note the
sequence, first the country which, for Yugoslavs, has historically meant
despotism, reactionarism, backwardness, and betrayal. Then, those who at first
attempted to "stabilize" destabilization in the Balkans (Berlin Congress), and
then --well, you all know, don't you?


As to the idea that people will lose faith in these "experts", a couple of

a) we must not fall in a mechanicist view. The fact that people acquire a
"negative" consciousness of what is happening does not by itself mean any kind
of leap forward. This has been thoroughly commented, by the way, on Lenin's
polemics against economism (of which current Trotskyists seem to remember

b) ideological and political organization and agitation are thus essential to
provide a rallying point for the desperate petty bourgeois who realize that
they have supported their own hangmen. This requires, particularly, the clear
signal that an anti-imperialist force based on some strong, concrete, visible
and obvious social force is ready to struggle for power again.

It is my opinion that events taking place in Yugoslavia now are beginning to
show to these layers that this force exists. This force should be found, IMHO,
in the process of renewal that is traversing the SPS, both in the changing
social composition of its members and in the political debate within it. Will
inform more within a few days.

The recent rally by the SPS in Belgrade (which I would compare to a mass rally
by Peronists in, say, Argentina February 1956, that is with something that
NEVER happened because had it happened then Argentina would have turned
socialist) has given the first clear signal to these disappointed but still
fervently conservative people that this pole of opposition is beginning to

Let us trust the IMF for the rest of the work. Serbian socialists deserve our
full understanding and support.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar

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