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In the March-April issue of ''Against (Sic!) the Current'' a supposedly
leftist political writer named Samary writes:

<<  Did NATO Defeat Milosevic?   As the Djindjic case demonstrates, Western
money and support did not guarantee  (and therefore does not explain) the
success of the Kostunica Party. On the  contrary, the NATO war produced a
massive patriotic reaction.>>

This is nonsensical double talk.  It is like saying money was not important
in selling Clinton to Black people because look, they hate Bush. Like Du-uh.

First of all, before U.S. Secretary of State Albright and German Foreign
Minister Fisher ordered their "Democratic Opposition" employees to "unify"
behind Koshtunitsa (see Der 'Spiegel', Oct. 7, 2000) vast sums of money and
organizational efforts had already been spent on Yugoslavia.  The parties of
the "DOS" , the "independent media" and the "civil society" groups (the very
word is a Western intelligence creation, shame on Samary for using it without
even mentioning that "civil society" groups = National Endowment for
Democracy funding!) - all this created the infrastructure and confused
sufficient people to make Kosthunitsa's candidacy possible - and even THEN
the U.S. had to send in the 6th (?) fleet to hold maneuvers in the Adriatic
AND threaten massive violence of Miloshevich won AND pour in several hundred
million dollars.

Marjaleeno Repo from the Canadian peace movement was told by Koshtunitsa's
top aide that this money was decisive - and of course it was, because it
provided the pay for Otpor and some in the government apparatus, bribes for
"independent" trade union leaders, pay for the March of Belgrade, as well as
the funding to create the impression that Koshtunitsa's victory was
inevitable. Before the influx of vast sums of money in the summer of 2000,
Koshtunitsa was a cypher.  And even after the unprecedented NATO assault on
Yugoslav democracy, the vast majority either boycotted the elections or voted
for Miloshevich.

KOSHTUNITSA IS A JAR OF VASELINE. He smoothes the way for Djindjic, hated by
most, to enter.  Of course he couldn't do this JUST with the full backing of
the huge U.S./German apparatus in Yugoslavia nor JUST with the vast money
they gave their DOS apparatus of which he is a CRUCIAL part.  That's why the
U.S. paid for  market surveys before ordering DOS to run him - they found
that most people considered him a defender of Serbia.  This is an illusion,
similar to the mistake many Black Americans make about Clinton. The market
surveys were looking for someone who could offer Serbian citizens an illusory
hope: that they could retreat from confrontation with the West and yet
preserve national freedom and social values.

For more on the U.S. creation of a "civil society" Fifth Column see "U.S.
Arrogance and Yugoslav Elections" at http://emperors-clothes.com/engl.htm

Samary says:
"The fact that accusation [against Miloshevich] as a war criminal occurred
while the war was ongoing  was perceived-and still is-as a political act
designed to legitimize the  bombings and punish Milosevic for resistance. The
vast majority of Serbs were
 therfore more than ever blind to the crimes committed in their name, and see
 themselves as the primary victims of the conflict. >>

DARE Samary write this slander now, after EVERY such charge has been proven
false.  NO mass graves. NO Expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Albanians -
rather a NATO-ordered KLA-enforced drama, staged for the TV.  (see "Why
Albanians Fled Kosovo During NATO Bombing " at
http://emperors-clothes.com/interviews/keys.htm )

Isn't it amazing that after ALL the publicly stated crimes are proved to be
FABRICATIONS, a supposed enemy of NATO (Samary) writes as if they had been
proved true? And do you know why this article appears now? IT appears now
because the West has been MORALLY defeated by Miloshevich who, bless his
unbelievably stubborn Serb heart, refuses to run.  This is a MOMENTOUS act of
defiance that speaks to every U.S.-impoverished Slav and every Chinese and
every Indian, etc.etc.,

It is the purpose of people like Samary to weaken opposition among Western
leftists to NATO's key task: the destruction of continuing Serb opposition
(Serbia is now burning with strikes and rage, among the population and in the
army, at NATO and the DOS government)  Writing like Samary's is needed to
stave off organizing by Western leftists who, without her type of Fifth
Column leftist, might actually ORGANIZE people against this most important
NATO effort: to break the stubborn Serbs, in general, and the Socialist Party
and Miloshevich, in particular.

Miloshevich's crime was and - miraculously - still is! - not to bow to NATO.

Samary's technique is similar to Noam Chomsky who says (this is an accurate
paraphrasing): "NATO is bad because it had to know that when it bombed the
Serbs the Serbian government would react by increasing their atrocities
against Abanians."  What atrocities?  There were none, which explains the
puzzle that NATO has yet to produce a shred of honest evidence....

As Nestor says, Samary (like Chomsky) takes the very thing she needs to prove
(the lie that Miloshevich committed crimes) and "proves" it by stating it in
such a way that it gives the reader the impression it is already proven. On
top of that she (like Chomsky) gives the whole thing a phony left wing "tone"
and so that is why she can suck in those with good hearts but
(understandably, given the "quality" of "left" wing writing on this issue)
little information.


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