Oswald did not act alone

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Kennedy was a bastard who got what a helluva lot more of American
Presidents should have. Whether it was one man or twenty is irrelevant.
Far too many on the Left have wasted too far much time buying into the
Kennedy Myths and lost visions of "Camelot". Maybe Kennedy got nailed in
a power dispute maybe not, so what? Whether it was the CIA, the Mob,
Cuban exiles, or the ice cream man down the street don't worry about


CB: Disagree. One of our main tasks is to contradict among masses of Americans, the
U.S. propaganda that it is a foremost democracy, "unlike socialist and nationally
liberated countries".  The Kennedy assassinaton was a coup d'etat. Many Americans know
this on some level, but the big brother media has succeeded in getting them to
suppress the thought or at least its significance in undermining the idea of the U.S.
as model democracy. It is very important to assemble this and other historical
evidences that counter the school book legends in order to undermine
chavinism-patriotism and overall "faith in the system". This is an important premise
to fuller radicalization.

> Better late than never. This material has been more or
> less common knowledge by sharp investigators almost
> from the time of the assassination.
> The Kennedy Assassination literature is pretty
> confused. There is an interesting and rigorous work
> that is interesting,
> Assassination Science: Experts Speak Out on the Death
> of JFK, James Fetzer
> =====

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