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Charles Brown CharlesB at SPAMCNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us
Thu Mar 29 09:17:56 MST 2001

>>> stewsinc at eol.ca 03/29/01 02:50AM >>>
This passage, as it stands;

 >The really, really unpalatable truth, which most Russians fervently agree
with, is that without Stalin, the USSR would have >lost the war. You do not
have to subscribe to weird ideas about genius leaders, great helmsmen etc,
to recognise that >individuals play a role in history, and sometimes a
decisive role. Just as much as Hitler lost the war for Germany, Stalin >won
it for Soviet Russia. He made his mistakes and learnt from them. Hitler did


although probably inadequately explained, strikes me as one of the
strangest contributions I've seen on this list in my - albeit rather short
- time on it.  To start with lets see what Uncle Joe actually did to win
the war.


CB: Given your claims that follow, by what miracle did the Soviet working masses led
by the Communist Party win the war against the Nazis despite Stalin's actions ?  Your
take merely makes some other Soviet Communists true superheroes. And given the
inescapable implication of your position that these nameless masses of comrades
actually had enough influence in the situation to overcome Stalin AND win the war, ( I
mean how was the war won if not by somebody ? not by chance or accident or angels),
it would seem that there _was_ profound democracy , power in the Soviets in the war, a
highly well-formed workers' state.


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