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The source for Catherine Samary's anti-Yugoslav slanders, in her recent
"Against [sic!] the Current" article is one Natasa Kandic.  Kandic has been
used by NATO propagandists often to provide evidence that "even Yugoslavs
admit their government committed war crimes" - despite the failure of the
West to provide a shred of evidence.  Kandic has received many awards from
Imperial-humanitarian outfits and her "Humanitarian Law Center" is a creation
of a CIA spinoff, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED)  as the
following statement by the NED makes clear. (The NED statement is quoted in
"US Arrogance and Yugoslav Elections" at http://emperors-clothes.com/engl.htm
I post it with a bit of the commentary from Emperor's Clothes)

Following the excerpt from Emperor's Clothes with the NED statement is a
statement from the Yugoslav Army command, answering slanders by Mrs. Kandic,
which were printed in the NED-funded newspaper 'Danas.'

FIrst, our article quoting the NED:


In a Dec., 1998 report, The National Endowment for Democracy described some
of the groups it has set up and/or taken over in Yugoslavia. This is not a
complete list. We hope to uncover more:

[Start of NED Quote] "…The National Endowment for Democracy has been
assisting democracy building programs in the former Yugoslavia since 1988,
along with the Soros Foundation. The National Endowment for Democracy has
enabled newspapers, radio and TV stations to purchase supplies and equipment,
including newsprint and broadcast transmitters. Past grantees include: the
newspapers Nasa Borba, Vreme, and Danas, TV Negotin, the prominent news
agency BETA, and Radio B-92, the Association for Independent Electronic Media
(ANEM). National Endowment for Democracy funds have also been used to bring
talented young journalists from the FRY to the United States for professional
internships. Other US funded groups: the Humanitarian Law Center (HLC), the
Center for Democracy Foundation, a prominent Belgrade-based nongovernmental
organization led by Dragoljub Micunovic, the Belgrade Center for Human Rights
(BCHR), the European Movement of Serbian and the G-17. The Center for
Anti-War Action (CAA) has received Endowment funding to promote the
development of an independent civil society in Serbia by fostering political
activism in the country's larger towns and cities and by strengthening
nascent nongovernmental organizations outside of Belgrade.

"Western organizations should increase direct support to the independent
media in Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo. Special attention should be given to
supporting the independent electronic media in Serbia, such as Radio B-92 and
TV Negotin, Assistance should target the establishment of small "underground"
print shops and distribution networks.

"The West should help the democratic political opposition develop a concrete
program which offers positive alternatives to the destructive policies of the
Milosevic regime. Democratic think tanks, independent research organizations
and expert groups should be supported to develop these alternative policy
recommendations. In addition to assistance in policy formation, [National
Endowment for Democracy] organizations should continue to provide opposition
political parties with expertise in coalition building, message development,
media outreach, improving the operations of party branch offices and election

"Democratic forces in Montenegro, including media, think tanks, student
groups, human rights organizations, must be supported financially, and

"One of the most important tasks is to increase cooperation between trade
unions and political parties. In addition, independent media must be
encouraged to report on the work of independent organizations." [End of NED
Quote] (1)

We urge you to keep in mind that the terms "independent," "democratic" and
"non-governmental" are codenames used by the National Endowment for
"Democracy" to describe organizations they create around the world to bring
down governments and societies which they wish to re-colonize, break up or


Here is the Yugoslav Army statement:
Daily "Danas," Belgrade, Thursday, 17 August 2000
>From the Information Service of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Yugoslav
Armed Forces

(HEADLINE) Mrs. Kandic Launches Grave But Groundless and Premature

Mr. Spasovic,
The double issue of your paper of 12-13 August 2000 featured an interview
between journalist Bojan Toncic and Mrs. Natasa Kandic, the director of the
Humanitarian Law Center. In it, she criticized the state in a well-known and
well-tested but ineffective way -- by criticizing the military. Using the
court case against the journalist Miroslav Filipovic as a pretext, Mrs.
Kandic acted as an alleged human-rights activist, even as a leader in the
field, thereby abusing not only the law and humanitarian principles but also
the truth, by extending support precisely to those who have committed crimes
and who are still committing evil deeds.

     Using the case of Miroslav Filipovic as a pretext, Mrs. Kandic has
accused the military and the state, offended the Yugoslav judiciary, and
hidden the crimes of the Albanian terrorists and the criminals of NATO. If
Mr. Filipovic had been "publishing the truth, following his moral notion of
reality," as Mrs. Kandic stated, how is it possible that this "truth" has not
been proven in court? Mrs. Kandic has instead "clarified" Mr. Filipovic's
alleged moral notion of reality with untrue statements about related
developments in Kosovo and Metohija regarding war crimes allegedly committed
by the Yugoslav military.

     Of course, there are no arguments, just as there are no arguments in the
of those who have quoted (and who are still quoting) the same reasons for the
brutal aggression against our country.

     By pointing to the Hague Tribunal as the only institution in charge of
establishing war crimes committed in the territory of the former Yugoslavia,
and by blaming members of the Yugoslav military as the only culprits, Mrs.
Kandic has accused the defenders gravely and prematurely, with no evidence,
exclusively and solely, while extending amnesty to proven terrorists and
criminals. By such statements, she has also taken the side of those who have
breached, and are still breaching, numerous norms of international law and
international convention, even as she opposes the true humanitarians and
peacemakers and the advancement of the increasingly convincing truth about
the consequences of the activities of the terrorists and the NATO aggressors.

     As an activist in the field of rights and humanitarian law, Mrs. Kandic
has failed to quote some of the irrefutable proofs and facts, particularly
those related to civilian victims and the destruction of industrial and
cultural objects. These include, first, the fact that aggression itself is a
crime, irrespective of its form, but particularly when committed by armed
forces. NATO has killed thousands of persons, mostly civilians. It has
breached the UN Charter, numerous international conventions and international
laws -- even the norms of the Agreement on the Establishing of the Alliance
-- and the constitutions of the most of the member countries.

     During 78 days of military aggression, NATO -- among other acts –
dropped approximately 37,000 cluster bombs, mostly in Kosovo, and fired
munitions containing depleted uranium, which is forbidden by international
convention. It destroyed several thousands of living units, more than 200
industrial objects, and tens of schools, hospitals, public and cultural
institutions. It bombed oil refineries (19 times), oil tanks (96 times),
petrol stations (19 times) and other energy-related structures, which
produced not only large material damages but also large ecological
consequences. NATO also bombed hydrological objects, electrical plants,
communications and transportation objects, and trains and buses.

     Mrs. Kandic failed to mention numerous facts and information related to
the crimes of Albanian terrorists, who, in the period between 1 January 1998
and 2 May 1999, committed 2,733 terrorist acts -- 1,078 of them against
civilians and civil objects -- and killed 335 citizens of Kosovo and
Metohija. In the period between 6 October 1999 and 5 July 2000 they committed
appproximately 5,000 terrorist acts (4,792).

     Albanian terrorists have killed 1,010 Serbs and other non-Albanians,
wounded 924 persons and kidnapped 936. Over the same period, among other
objects, more than 50,000 Serbian, Montenegrin and Roma homes were destroyed
and set on fire. Eighty-five monasteries and churches were destroyed, damaged
or desecrated.

     Mrs. Kandic never cared to mention that Yugoslav military managed, by
its efficient command, high morals and rational tactical actions, as well as
by expert disguise, to successfully resist the most powerful armed force in
the world. It was military's constitutional obligation, professional duty and
patriotic assignment. It had no other choice.

     All that, or at least that, Mrs. Kandic could have said. Accusing the
defenders and forgetting or failing to mention real criminals and terrorists,
makes for an additional crime. A crime against mankind and homeland. Against
law and humanity. And against many other things. An unavoidable part of
responsibility for this belongs with those who are not preventing it.

Information Service of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Yugoslav Armed Forces

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