Yugoslav Paradox

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at SPAMtao.ca
Thu Mar 29 13:17:43 MST 2001


> The recent rally by the SPS in Belgrade (which I would compare to a mass rally
> by Peronists in, say, Argentina February 1956, that is with something that
> NEVER happened because had it happened then Argentina would have turned
> socialist)

You don't think you can just throw that out without being called for an explanation,
do you? How do you see, in the dangerous "alternate history" guessing game, this
result of a mass rally by left-nationalists in Argentina?

 has given the first clear signal to these disappointed but still
> fervently conservative people that this pole of opposition is beginning to
> appear.
> Let us trust the IMF for the rest of the work. Serbian socialists deserve our
> full understanding and support.

Hear, hear.


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