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Thu Mar 29 16:25:45 MST 2001

Dear Louis Proyect

I am an Iranian student, interested in socialist alternatives and the
related debates.

I have a question in mind that I think you can help me about it: What can
you propose as a developement plan for the so called "under developed"

Now a days, the World Bank and the International Money Fund (IFM) have
prepared a developement "Recipe" for the Third World which is widwspread
despite its terrible consequences, but no serious alternative developement
strategy has been proposed from the left. The contemporary Left literature
on the third world, is full of slogans and  curses against globalization of
capitalism, IMF and world bank! but no socialist solution is proposed for
the problem of Underdevelopement.

The alternative socialist models are designed to deal with the problems of
modern, fully developed and technologic societies but are far from what is
going on in the real world around me. In the third world, some basic human
needs are still unsatisfied, serious ethnic problems persist, the avarage
education rate of the masses is low and the massive burden of the global
capitalism exists. So I can not imagine the particapatory planning by the
associated councils of  workers or a fully computerized planning and rsouse
allocation as a serious alternative for the third world.

On the other hand, it is not acceptable for me to wait for an extraordinary
happening (such as a revolution) in the developed countries to solve the
problems of all of us! Some problems of the Third world are so urgent that
it is not reasonable at all to pospone their solution untill a world
revolution. Besides, the International Imperialist institutions are
currently running thair favorite pro-capitalism program on the third world
and benefit considerably from the lack of powerful Left rival programs.

I will be grateful if could you inform me of any article, debate, link,
etc. available on this issue.


Louis Proyect
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