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Thu Mar 29 17:23:33 MST 2001

I can understand a certain impatience with the Kennedy
mystique which is a fixture of many 'leftist' books on
the assassination. It may be a lost cause at this
point. I am no fan of Kennedy. However, consider the
complexity of power and the reality of class at the
point, if only to realize one was fooled, where
Kennedy, who seems like a capitalist bigshot
incarnated, is really a small fry beside the invisible
establishment, who for some reason didn't like this
man. Many of the books on the assassination blame the
wrong people. It wasn't the government, Hoover, the
CIA (although some were involved), the mafia, or the
Dallas police. The only people who could have done it
are people outside the government with enough power to
rig the Warren Commission, without anyone figuring it
out. Not many can manage that. It is hard to even
imagine withoug paranoia, but the tactics are
reasonably clear in retrospect.
The most recent book I know of is The Kennedy
Assassination Cover-Up by Donald Gibson, Kroshka
Books, 2000, which pursues the "Establishment" case
beyond the short list of suspects in the pop
assassination books. It is also worth reading F.
Lundberg's books on this issue. We can certainly see
capitalist ideology in government! But that doesn't
make the US government responsible for Kennedy's
murder.The perpetrators, this is the point, were not
visibly connected to the government. We never see the
hidden groups in this case, although they are
traceably connected to this Establishment as it was at
the time of the transition from colonialism to
neo-colonialism, when this Anglo-American elite had to
refigure their game and were threatened apparently by
a man like Kennedy who actually believed in economic
progress in third world countries, however minimally,
while the old guard certainly did not. Kennedy seems
like some capitalist bigshot to us, but he was a
grubber to the hampton set.
Who knows, but class struggle failed here, that's for
sure, and it's not hegelian abstraction, if we get
taken to the cleaners by these people who are
definitely rejoicing the mafia, and the Dallas police,
along with stinking  Hoover took the rap.

The article I was thinking of was Vincent Salandria,
"The Warren Commission", (Liberation, 1965) He figured
it out almost immediately, so the recent essay seems
strangely late in the day.
Also Castro made a speech almost immediately after the
assassination, and pretty well had the issue nailed.

John Landon
nemonemini at aol.com


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