Marx and epilepsy

Marta Russell ap888 at
Thu Mar 29 21:14:08 MST 2001

hmmm -- well I, for one (having a physical impairment), would like to
include Marx in the crip club.  What is the skinny, did he have
epilepsy or not, or is it uncertain?

Vanessa DD wrote:
> Dear Joao,
> Well, back in Marx's time, saying you had epilepsy was just like saying you
> were crazy and out of your mind... NOBODY ever admitted to it! Besides,
> there are many kinds of epilepsy, thousands of different types, not only the
> grand-mal seizures you may know. In fact, Marx was thought to have temporal
> lobe epilepsy (or psychomotor), which often appears without grand-mal
> seizures, and is related to religious, mystical, and egocentric experiences.
> I don't remember reading if he has the visible type of seizures.

Marta Russell
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Beyond Ramps: Disability at the End of the Social Contract

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