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[Back in 1988 I was working for Goldman-Sachs. Robert Rubin was the vice
chairman and Jon Corzine was a senior partner. Shortly after receiving a
zero percent raise, I got a job as an independent consultant. Zero percent
raises were the messages delivered to highly skilled programmers and other
professionals over 40 that they were no longer needed. Goldman-Sachs openly
stated that they would be replacing us with RCG's, or recent college
graduates. Since I was something of a mercenary to start with, leaving
Goldman was no big deal. But for the 20 to 30 senior programmers and
managers who did not get the message, reality smacked them in the face a
year later when they came to work one morning and discovered that their
"Profs" email account--the same kind Oliver North used to use when
organizing the contras--was disabled. They were escorted downstairs by
security guards and driven home in town cars usually used for late night
transportation home when they had worked unpaid overtime. Now this piece of
shit Jon Corzine, who spent 60 million dollars to get elected in New
Jersey, has the gall to tell the rancid Nation Magazine that he is too
refined and liberal for the Democratic Leadership Council. Give me a break.
I suppose the only solace one can take from this is that winds are
beginning to blow from the left.]

COMMENT | April 16, 2001

A Time To Be Bold


In recent months, as a newly elected senator, I have had to decide whether
to join the Democratic Leadership Council. I have chosen not to because
while I shared its founding purpose, which was to frame a successful
response to President Reagan's efforts to portray Democrats as the party of
"tax and spend," social engineering and failed personal responsibility, I
believe that purpose has been largely accomplished.

Today, I believe that it is vital for Democrats to stand up for a sharply
defined progressive agenda--one that is committed to fighting for practical
and progressive policies for working families and America's middle
class--even when that means challenging powerful interests and the status
quo. I am absolutely convinced that, standing on the foundation of fiscal
stability that Democrats have built and to which the DLC contributed, we
now have to fight for our convictions. If we begin to negotiate from the
middle, the end result inevitably takes us to the right of where I believe
our nation should be.

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