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Les Schaffer schaffer at
Fri Mar 30 07:58:08 MST 2001

1.) marxmail readers will note another spate of doubled posts. this recent
lot seems to be originating from a mail server of one of the list
subscribers. i will be implementing a bounce mechanism shortly which should
fix the problem. i just need to make sure no list subscribers are
themselves bounced by this fix.

2.) David S. Touretzky is a computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon who has
been taunting the bozos who are trying to control the spread of software
practices which would enable people to 'break through the copy-protection
system on DVD movies':

an article on attempts to silence him in today's Times:

3.) an Internet service provider (Northpoint) in the NYC are has gone belly
up, leaving 100,000 customers suddenly in the lurch:


"The sale of NorthPoint’s assets marks the end of a long saga. NorthPoint
once had been a darling of Wall Street for its promise of delivering
high-speed Net access to millions of subscribers. The company got caught in
the broad sell-off in technology stocks and suffered from the tightening of
capital markets. "

see also:


4.) from "A Canadian court has ruled that a farmer growing
genetically modified canola without a license violated Monsanto's patent and
owes damages. Percy Schmeiser claims that the seeds blew onto his farm from
passing seed trucks and from neighboring farms. The court held that
regardless of whether he planted them deliberately or if he merely found
them growing on his farm, it was his responsibility to destroy the seeds and
seedlings or pay royalties. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is
carrying the article and the Federal Court of Canada has the full text of
the ruling in PDF form."

full story here:

5.) Internet Explorer security vulnerability, see:

comrades should probably install the patch from this site if they can and
they are running Internet Explorer with version 5.01 or later

    (Help -> ABout Internet Explorer --> look for Version: 5.XXX)

Microsoft won't support earlier versions of their browser, so am not sure if
they are vulnerable or not.

nasty comments about Microsoft software practices left in Jose Perez'
capable hands.

les schaffer

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