Monsanto and the judge

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Fri Mar 30 08:38:26 MST 2001

Michael Perelman commented on an item in Les' collection of issues.



Michael P. said:

Charles, it is worse than that.  He has been breeding and collecting his own
seeds for decades, developing his own distinctive strains.   He sued Monsanto
for contaminating his crops with the pollen.


Charles Brown had written:

> Law as aggressive protector of private property.
> Thanks to Les S. for this:
>  From "A Canadian court has ruled that a farmer growing
> genetically modified canola without a license violated Monsanto's patent and
> owes damages. Percy Schmeiser claims that the seeds blew onto his farm from
> passing seed trucks and from neighboring farms. The court held that
> regardless of whether he planted them deliberately or if he merely found
> them growing on his farm, it was his responsibility to destroy the seeds and
> seedlings or pay royalties. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is
> carrying the article and the Federal Court of Canada has the full text of
> the ruling in PDF form."
> full story here:
> 010329


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