Cuba, USSR and Africa

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Fri Mar 30 10:35:53 MST 2001

  This by way of contrast, let us say,
> to the policy of the PLA in China during World War II towards Japanese
> soldiers.

While not disagreeing with the basic thrust of your argument- it should be noted that
it would be easier to unite the Japanese soldiers with the CPC precisely because the
common enemy was the Americans! This dynamic (the "greater enemy") did not exist for
the Vietnamese. I'm leery of *any* criticisms being levelled against a population
that eventually lost at least 2 million to the war. Hindsight is not only 20-20, it
is condescending. (I tend to think of this kind of critique along the same lines as
criticising the Soviets for killing Nazi soldiers summarily- maybe it was in excess,
but have a look at the enemy here!) Not accusing you of such things, Jared- but this
is a very dangerous pathway you traverse here.


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