Milosevic to be arrested?

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Fri Mar 30 11:40:24 MST 2001

>From the BBC website at 18.34 GMT:

Police stake out Milosevic villa

Reports from the Yugoslav capital, Belgrade, say that police vehicles and
ambulances have gone to the residential area where former President Slobodan
Milosevic lives.
Members of Mr Milosevic's Socialist Party (SPS) said that police were going
to arrest the former president.
Five unmarked jeeps carrying men in olive fatigues and black ski caps, as
well as an ambulance and a marked police vehicle are outside Mr Milosevic's
villa, according to the AFP news agency.
It is not certain that Mr Milosevic is in the building.
"We received an information from our people who are outside the gates of the
president's house that they had seen six vehicles with fully armed people in
black uniforms," said an SPS official.
"The problem is that there are some 200 SPS members between them and the
president at one of the gates and 100 at the other," he added.
The US Congress has set 31 March as a deadline for the Yugoslav Government
to take action against the former president, or risk losing American
economic assistance and loans from the International Monetary Fund and the
World Bank.

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