Cutting off the Nose to spite the Face

Jay Moore research at
Fri Mar 30 18:29:15 MST 2001

Hard to know in this case whether to be angry at the arrogance of U.S.
imperialism or to hope that they carry through with their threatened


US threatens to retaliate against Colombia for UN vote on Palestinian force
WASHINTGON, March 30 (AFP) -

The United States on Friday threatened to retaliate against Colombia for its
sponsorship of and vote for a UN Security Council resolution that called for
international observers to protect the Palestinians.

State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said Bogota's support for the
resolution had been a diplomatic disappointment for the United States, but
said that any retaliation would not affect the more than one-billion-dollar
US contribution to Colombia's peace and anti-drug plan.

"The United States at the highest levels is disappointed by Colombia's
decision to sponsor and subsequently vote in favor with the UN resolution on
the observer force," Boucher told reporters.
"We will be discussing our views with the government of Colombia and
reviewing that action in the context of our relations with Colombia both
bilateral and multilateral," he said.

Israel and the United States vehemently opposed the resolution, but the
seven non-aligned movement (NAM) members of the Security Council, including
Colombia, forced it to a vote on Tuesday, compelling Washington to veto it.

Boucher stressed that Washington "remained committed" to the 1.3 billion
dollars Washington has appropriated for "Plan Colombia," and a senior State
Department official said the US response would likely be diplomatic.

"Anything we might do would not be excessive," the official said.

"It would be parallel to what we saw as a failure by Colombia, for no
particular reason, to support something that's very important for us, so we
might fail to support something that is particularly important to them," the
official said.

He declined to elaborate on what type of move Washington might take.

Boucher's comments followed similar remarks made in Congressional testimony
on Thursday by Edward Walker, the acting assistant secretary of state for
Near East affairs, who said Colombia could expect to be punished for its

Boucher defended the US threat of retaliation, noting that Washington
believed only UN resolutions agreed to by both Israel and the Palestinians
could promote peace and questioned why Colombia had taken the stance it did.

"We don't think (the resolution) helps the situation," he said. "We don't
think it responds to the needs of Colombia and we certainly don't think it
responds to our interests or the interests of peace in the region."

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