Japan will not compensate Korean sex slaves

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30 March 2001

Japan will not compensate Korean sex slaves
TOKYO: An appeals court on Thursday said the Japanese government need not
pay three Korean women compensation for forcing them into wartime sexual
slavery as no serious constitutional violations occurred.
The Hiroshima High Court overturned a 1998 district court ruling that
ordered the government to pay a total of 900,000 yen (dlrs 7,260) to the
women who were forced to provide sex to Japanese soldiers during World War
The three women were among 10 plaintiffs who filed a lawsuit with the
Yamaguchi District Court in western Japan in 1992, seeking about 390 million
yen (dlrs 3.1 million) in official compensation. They also demanded the
government's official apology.
One of the plaintiffs has since died. Seven others were forced to work as
slave laborers.
The plaintiffs appealed the ruling, saying the amount of compensation was
too small. The government also appealed, refusing to pay compensation.
The two women said they were forced to provide sex to Japanese soldiers in
Taiwan and the Chinese city of Shanghai. Six of them worked as forced
laborers without pay in Toyama prefecture (state) in northern Japan.
In the original 1998 ruling, the Shimonoseki Branch of the Yamaguchi
District Court said the Japanese government has failed to enact laws to
accommodate the payment of compensation to sex slaves.
The women and their supporters hailed the ruling as a landmark decision.
On Thursday, however, presiding judge Toshiaki Kawanami said abducting the
women to use them as forced laborers and sex slaves was not a serious
constitutional violation.
Tokyo has acknowledged that its wartime army set up brothels and forced
thousands of Koreans into military service, but it has refused to pay
direct, or official compensation to individuals.
Historians say as many as 200,000 women, mostly Koreans but also Filipinos,
Chinese and Dutch, were forced into sexual slavery during World War II. (AP)

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