Vanessa DD jajije at
Sat Mar 31 11:14:20 MST 2001

I am sorry if I offended someone. I am not a marxist, because after all he
is dead. But I agree with most of the anti-capitalist statements written
here, and I agree that globalization is bad. Should I worship wrong
arguments because of this? In fact, my pointing out others' mistakes can
help those people correct them so they won't make fools out of themselves!
That was my only purpose, and if it sounded as if was belittling someone,
well, I'm sorry. I'm not a native speaker of english, and where I live,
discouse is very aggressive among all except the snobbish capitalists! in
fact, it is a definition of being a snob when you are too 'nice'. I will
read over my messages next time to avoid this.

And I still hope that wrong arguments will be corrected, for the sake of all
who want to make this a better world to live in, because it is those wrong
arguments that destroy our cause.

And whether Marx had temporal lobe epilepsy or not is very important,
because if he did, that could show that he really WAS extremely intelligent.
If he didn't, he's just one more guy! (that's a personal opinion, though)


>I often pray that those with good intentions and the right cause will stop
>using ridiculous arguments to support their cause, especially since there
>are BETTER arguments that are true!

Vanessa, this will be your only warning. After announcing to the list on
your arrival that you were not a Marxist, you have written nothing that
even shows an awareness of the Marxist discourse even if you don't agree
with it. Instead you have gone off on tangents about whether Marx had
epilepsy, etc.. This list is for Marxists, number one. Number two, it is
not for people to belittle others with provocative insults. One more step
out of line and you are out of here.

Louis Proyect
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