'Zapatista Tour' Ends in Surrender/ Fox Delivers on CampaignPromise

Louis Proyect lnp3 at SPAMpanix.com
Sat Mar 31 11:28:00 MST 2001

Tony Abdo wrote:
>The acceptance of becoming a 'political movement' represents a historic
>and deadly defeat for the EZLN.       Their authority had rested on much
>more than feathery rhetoric, but also on the idea of armed resistance to
>a dictatorship.

What gave the EZLN its power was not the modest hunting rifles in its
arsenal nor "feathery rhetoric", but the masses in struggle. A political
movement is what is needed actually. The guerrilla warfare was more
symbolic than  anything.

>The integration of the PRD into accepting its role as being a Social
>Democratic short term adminstrator of the Distrito Federal, has now been
>followed by the EZLN agreement to exchange a self-declared 'trumphal
>march (or tour) to the capital, in exchange for any really solid success
>in changing the political situation in Mexico.

So what would have guaranteed success? An isolated guerrilla campaign with
hunting rifles? In reality the struggle moves forward through mass
mobilizations such as marches, etc.

>Any verbal agreements between Fox and Marcos, lack any ability of the
>EZLN to back up actual enforcement.     This surrender by the Zapatistas
>was negociated from out of political weakness, and not strength.

The Zapatista movement has not been repressed out of existence. It has
instead chosen other tactics.

>Further, it helps the ruling elite consolidate its new dictatorshp of 2
>political parties, the PAN and the PRI.

The only thing that the Zapatistas can do is to continue to struggle for
indigenous rights and economic justice. For a more impartial analysis, I
recommend the websites listed at: http://www.ezln.org/links.htm#solidarity

Louis Proyect
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