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Sat Mar 31 11:47:25 MST 2001

>What is the book _about_? Can prof. Perelman or anyone else briefly
>summarize the theoretical content of it? its relation to Marxism, etc..?

Michael's book deals with the problem of waste in capitalist society,
either the waste of human talent through racism or the waste of natural
resources through corporate malfeasance. It is like everything that Michael
writes: lucid, well-researched and committed to the working class.
Unfortunately, I don't get much of a sense that the books receive the kind
of marketing they deserve. I wish that Monthly Review or Verso would
publish one of his books, since these house attract the kind of radical
audience that he deserves. St. Martins Press, his usual publisher, seems to
target libraries and the subscribers to scholarly journals.

Louis Proyect
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