Anti-Milo Legitimacy Crisis

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el 31 Mar 01, a las 15:38, Macdonald Stainsby dijo:

> I'm still having trouble decifering why on earth the conflict is
> being pushed to the brink like this, when the smartest thing to do
> for the West would be nothing- unless "reform" hasn't been enacted
> fast enough for them. Any thoughts?  Macdonald

It is not so hard to understand. NATO wants the Serbians to change
their image of themselves. They must admit that their elected
President was a criminal, and that, by the same stroke, they are a
criminal people. It is called pedagogic colonization. Serbs must learn
to be ashamed of themselves, must be convinced that they are worthless
scum. Unless this is not done, they will be troublemakers.

This is a basic input in order to pump out wealth without people being
able to respond, and this is a basic input in order to destroy the
confidence of the Serbs in themselves.

That the West can do it, is an entirely different matter. But a dead
Milosevich and a destroyed army are a good beginning...

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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