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The Labor Heritage Foundation: source for posters, videos, etc.

Charles H. Kerr: long-time leftist publishing house.

Durable economics: ecosocialist website created by Barry Brooks.

Carl Webb's Revolutionary Peru Web Page.

The Multiracial Activist: quirky but interesting website.

Andy Blunden's website: focused on Marxist philosophy and Trotskyist

Labor art and music: maintained by Canadian Postal Workers Union.

Rich Gibson's Education Page For a Democratic Society.

Language in the new capitalism (cultural studies). Ken McCarthy's alternative information website in the
spirit of George Seldes.

Berkeley Free Speech Movement archives.

Media Whores Online.

Media Access Project: fights monopoly concentration.

High Country News: ecology in the American west.

Cuba Issues and Answers.

Rabble: a Canadian based online magazine.

The Journal of Arab Students.

Physicians for Social Responsibility.

Canadian Dimension: independent socialist magazine.

Michael Burawoy's website: Berkeley prof who writes books based on
experience working in steelmills, etc.

Erik Olin Wright's website: U.f Wisconsin "analytical Marxism" prof who is
not as egregiously wrong-headed as others in this trend.

United Nations Human Development Report for 2000.

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