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Tue May 1 07:57:46 MDT 2001

> From: "Ulhas Joglekar"
> There has been a sharp decline in trade union and working class struggles
> previous twenty years in many parts of Asia. (South Korea and Indonesia
> be exceptions to this.) Marxist Left either does not exist in large parts
> Asia or it is stagnating. Disintegration of fSU and rapid integration of
> China and Vietnam in the global capitalism has put the Left on the
> defensive. (Indian liberals are the most enthusiastic admirers of Deng's
> reforms.) The broad picture is like this: a) Stagnating Left, if it exists
> at all, b) vacillating Centre and c) ascendant Rightwing, religious,
> fundamentalist, sectarian fascist/proto-fascist tendencies.

Ulhas is right, of course, but there is hope, at least.  New currents are
emerging, which may be able to navigate themselves into a position of
leading the revival of the movement in the future.

Pakistan is a classic case:  the directly capitalist/military right is very
obviously in a dominant position, and the communalist/religious right are
waiting in the wings, but still - the left is showing some fight and
courage, and are not, therefore, an entirely lost cause.

There is also Nepal, of course, though I am not sure exactly which current
is on the correct course.

There are a lot of struggles with potential.  Some of them will eventually
bear fruit.

So, to repeat myself:  Ulhas is correct, but the situation is
not entirely bleak.

Alan Bradley
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