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> Date: Tuesday, May 01, 2001 7:41 PM
> >Doug Henwood: "Neoliberalism is a crime against humanity, and
> >Argentina could do a lot better under a more humane regime"
> A more humane regime? Er, okay. Why doesn't somebody get on the telephone
> to George Soros. He has been beating the drum for more humane regimes
> everywhere.

actually, Soros perfectly fits in the context. He makes all sorts of
liberal moralism ("neo liberalism is a crime against humanity" kind of
thing) to justify capitalism. The man is the principle agent of "currency
trading and speculation", and he talks about "reforming" the international
financial system in his recent book. what a consistency...

in any case, Doug is a reformist kind of liberal, at best Keynesian.  what
makes him similar to Brad is that both believe in economic modernization on
capitalist terms. After all, I have never seen them *confronting* each
other on  pen-l, except for confirming each others' thoughts. They seem to
be cool friends.  If " Doug had never once defended capitalism", to quote
Carol, then Keynes did not defend capitalism either. The issue is *not*
about defending capitalism; it is about apologizing it.

after all, M. Parelman finds Brad a "smart" person, so this should tell you
something. Amen!

bye, Mine

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