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En relación a Re: The EU question, el 2 May 01, a las 12:53, Greg
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> By the way would the Perth vs Buenos Aires comment be a veiled
> acknowledgement of geo-political realities? (just kidding : )

Dear Greg,

I was not criticizing your using geopolitics as an explanatory device,
being as I am a geographer and a Leninist. I do believe that
geopolitics is a very important thing, and a good deal of the history
of the River Plate can be explained by means of some sort of
"socialist geopolitics".  The most fratricidal war ever fought in this
corner of South America, the Paraguay War, was termed both by Elyséé
Reclus and Juan Bautista Alberdi (the greatest intellectual of the
River Plate during the 19th. century) as "a matter of geography".

The 50s and 60s, consequently, saw a good development of left-wing
geopolitical thought in Buenos Aires and Montevideo, a line of ideas
which attained its highest peaks in works by the Uruguayans Methol
Ferré and Trías, and the Argentineans Jauretche and Scalabrini
Ortiz. No serious revolutionary should get to task here without having
read some of their work.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at

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