May Day global anticapitalism (review)

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el 2 May 01, a las 11:44, Johannes Schneider dijo:

> What made the Berlin situation special was that the Neonazi
> demonstrations had been allowed, while the left-wing demonstration
> was banned. This was a clear concepts for riots. When the police
> started to dissolve any attempt to organize a demonstration in the
> late afternoon, the clashes started.
> On Frankfurt: The fascist NPD tried to hold their central May Day
> demonstration there this year and wanted to march to the European
> Central Bank, but the Nazis were stopped by antifascists forcing
> them to stay at their initial meeting point. Police wanted to clear
> the blocked road for the Nazis, but decided that it was not possible
> (or politically opportune).
> In Mannheim another attempted NPD march was blocked by
> anti-fascists, whereas the NPD was able to march in Augsburg, Essen
> and Dresden.

Are we facing a hard time in Germany, Johannes?

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