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el 2 May 01, a las 12:53, Greg Schofield dijo:

> The question that given the EUs existence (again I am not 
> european so the question is treated abstractly) what should a communist 
> response be? The context, as I saw my reply attacking, was the idea that 
> despite its real existence whe should oppose it, abstractly.
> My take is, given its reality, and the fact that some aspects of this 
> reality are precursors of what we would be happy with in the future, what 
> parts do we attack (as opposed to abstract oppositionalism). It follows, 
> how can its present form be undermined so that these more progressive 
> in-embryo features become pronounced and the less desirable parts be more 
> effectively struggled against.

I agree that there are more points in common than originally
thought. But the problem still remains: under the current conditions,
the potentially "progressive in-embryo features" are absolutely
destroyed by the reactionary core. The question _I_ pose is slightly
different to Greg's. What I ask is "why, if there are some
undisputable benefits in the EU proposition, we can witness an
increasing opposition to the schema from the lowest ranks of
society?". This is what I understand by not ignoring the consequences
of the EU for the working class, as Barry consistently requires. And
this is the only way to take the following by his (which I agree with)
seriously: > > I think we could both agree that virginal political
purity, the utopianism of > it, is effectively a bourgeois agent in
our camp.

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