May Day global anticapitalism (review)

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Wed May 2 06:13:03 MDT 2001

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En relación a Re: May Day global anticapitalism (review), el 2 May 01,
a las 0:58, Barry Stoller dijo:

> > The only nice thing that can replace capitalism will not come down
> > from government, but up from demonstrators. A first step has been
> > given.  Now they must traverse full road. Will they?
> Of course, when I saw that line above, my censor's antennae quivered. I
> kept it in mainly for contrast---or comic effect; it so reminds me of
> those utopians from the WSM (London).

Know what, skepticism will kill you all!!!!!


Anyhow, I agree: the meridian of revolution does not cross Greenwich
for the time being...

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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