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>in any case, just to clarify my points. I, myself, would like to see Jose
>staying and Zehr leaving too. Although, as I said, I disagreed with Jose
>over a couple of issues in the past (East Timor) and do NOT approve the
>language he used, he was a very useful source of information for the list.
>I guess Zehr's anti-Cuba type of comments will not be welcome here,
>including his fussy remarks about Chavez.. Also there was a
>misunderstanding involved in the exchange with comrades. Lou warned Jose
>about the selection of his words, but he did *not* unsub him. I have the
>feeling that Jose got offended about what Lou had said, and unsubed in
>response. Such personal cases happened in the past. People suddenly give an
>attitude. Wish he were staying on the list, but the rest was his decision.
>He made his choice.
>comradely, Mine

Trust me, I am not happy about Jose's departure. I am sure everybody is
aware of the high regard I held him in, not only for his perceptive
analyses of the "party" question but his expertise on Cuba. That being
said, I am anxious that we not ostracize Martin Zehr so eagerly. First of
all, he posts on average maybe 5 times a month, as far as I can tell, so it
is not as if he is on some kind of crusade to hammer people into submitting
to his beliefs. Secondly, it is not fair to regard him as some kind of
gusano ideologue. This is from an exchange prompted by "Vanessa" in March.


Martin Zehr:
We might also want to explain the Cuban military support of the ANC armed
struggle for which Nelson Mandela expressed his gratitude for after he was
released and was elected president. There has not been too much made of this
in the media in the US because the policy makers in the US govt. had
apparently seen the handwriting on the wall regarding the collapse of the
apartheid regime and made other decisions.

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>Subject: Re: Cuba, USSR and Africa (was: Re: intro:Vanessa from Venezuela)
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> >>I may be wrong, but I do not see much contardictions between Cuban and
>Soviet foreign policy in Africa in the pre-Gorbacev time. They both
>supported the MPLA, the SACP and the Ethopian Dergue.<<
>There is no "may" about it. You're completely and totally wrong.
>I believe your ideological outlook has led you to be influenced by the
>lying, imperialist CIA propaganda about Cuba being a Soviet stooge and Cuba
>paying for Soviet aid with blood in Africa and so on.

Louis Proyect
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