Re: José

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Wed May 2 12:44:50 MDT 2001

> Trust me, I am not happy about Jose's departure. I am sure everybody is
> aware of the high regard I held him in, not only for his perceptive
> analyses of the "party" question but his expertise on Cuba. That being
> said, I am anxious that we not ostracize Martin Zehr so eagerly. First of
> all, he posts on average maybe 5 times a month, as far as I can tell, so
> is not as if he is on some kind of crusade to hammer people into
> to his beliefs. Secondly, it is not fair to regard him as some kind of
> gusano ideologue. This is from an exchange prompted by "Vanessa" in

I believe in you, Lou. You are doing your best in trying to create an
international forum for Marxists. No one is doing such an invaluable job in
the cyber space. That is our duty to keep it going on. And we will, for
sure, comrade!!!

cheers, Mine

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