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>when is the tribunal Jim?

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and Stuart Lawrence responded:

When is the tribunal that repeals the naming of things after Nelson
the butcher of Attica?


Response: I am normally pretty thick-skinned and of course people can/should
write, feel and say what they want; of course the same applies to those
responding. But in my opinion, this kind of trivial and somewhat infantile
response by Mr. Lawrence potentially continues the trivialization to other
areas. For example, our Blackfoot Tribunal has been trivialized by some
practicing lawyers (many of whom claimed to be "progressive", "sensitive",
"caring"--even volunteering to help) and yet claimed we need the
"respectability" of "real" lawyers and judges (the same types of "real"
lawyers and judges operating in the the same type of "real" legal system
that has brutalized Indians and other oppressed peoples for hundreds of
years) and thus demeaning and trivializing what we are trying to do. Or we
get, "how nice and quaint", holding your "mock" trial as a propaganda and
agitation "tactic"...; as if all that we are trying to do and expose
(including the very painful and potentially dangerous--to the powers-that-be
and perpetrators--testimonies that are being gathered and will be
presented)is merely some agit-prop tactic and some guerilla theater, and as
if Blackfoot People are not a "real" Nation with the sovereign right to do
what other nations do--put criminals and crimes on trial and expose them.

We, with respect to Blackfoot in particular and other Nations in general,
have credible evidence, covering many cases over many years, of: murder and
murder cover-ups; sexual abuse and sexual slavery; kidnapping and
transfering/forced adoptions of children; coerced/deceptive sterilizations;
coerced/deceptive uses of Indians for medical experimentation; thefts of
desperately-needed Indian lands and properties; imposition and toleration of
Tribal corruption; thefts of desperately-needed and owed royalties on Indian
resources; and the list goes on and on.

Further, in convening and participating in this Tribunal, many poor
Blackfoot are explicitly rejecting the phony "Healing Fund monies ($350
million) of the Canadian Government, and the proposed $2 billion hush-money
fund of the named Churches (who claimed to be going bankrupt as a result of
individual lawsuits by individual Residential Schools victims and now demand
of the victims, as a condition of receiving monies from them, that victims
cannot sue, go to court, reveal the nature and perpetrators of crimes
against them or reveal how much they were paid--hush and cover-up money) and
subjecting themselves to potentially heavy-duty reprisals from some powerful
vested interests who have benefitted from the genocide and want to continue
the cover-ups. In short, there is nothing trivial about this Tribunal and
certainly nothing comparable to/with the issue of how many and which
buildings are named after Rockefeller or other criminals of his ilk--if that
indeed was the real concern in the above message by Mr. Lawrence.

Jim C.

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