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Wed May 2 16:38:07 MDT 2001

[ from José Perez ]

I'm sorry about going ballistic last night.

I do believe expressing support for the Gaston's
investigation/prosecution of Pinochet was a political error, but that
is what it was, a mistake.

Expressing support for or toleration of Gaston trying to do the same
thing vis a vis the current central leader of a socialist country's
government, even a totally bureaucratized one, which Cuba is not, is
something of an entirely different order.

And doing so at a time when American imperialism has launched a
renewed offensive to further subjugate the peoples of Latin America
through the FTAA/ALCA, and at the very moment when revolutionary Cuba,
with Fidel at its head, is trying to rally the opposition of the Latin
American nations to this new annexationist offensive, makes the
position qualitatively more intolerable.

It coincides fully with the positions and main propaganda lines of the
most extreme and vile agents that imperialism uses against Cuba's
working people and their revolution, the terrorist mafia centered in

However, my posts on this matter were not a reasoned political
presentation, not even a heated polemic. They were simply an
expression of rage, which, as Louis calmly noted, was out of bounds on
this list. As I told Louis in a private email, in his shoes I'd have
done the same thing.

Although, be it noted for the record, Louis did not unsub me, I did.

Actually, the email I sent to Louis a little while ago contains the
rest of what I have to say on this, so I'll just tack it on to the
bottom of this post and be done with this matter.


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> Something tells me that Jose will be back... Louis Proyect

Of course. It's not the first time I've blown my stack, and regretted
it later. Although I can't remember feeling so completely outraged
that I unsubbed.  But when this person started talking about how okay
it was for the Spanish jr. partners of U.S. imperialism to investigate
"Sr. Castro" and his "crimes," I had a buffer overrun and GPF'd.

On the drunken sailor bit, no, not too much rum. Too little
sleep. Sometimes has similar effects.

So if you'll have me back, you'll have my promise to try to keep a
civil tongue. I'll try to resub in a minute, it should come to you, I
think, the way the list is set up.

I'll apologize to the list, too, although frankly the part I'm most
sorry about is having vented some of my rage at this person's position
in your direction. You do a real service and your list & associated
website is one of the best on the net on any subject, I believe.

And, being a moderator of a couple of lists, I know in your shoes I'd
have done exactly the same thing you did, + immediately put the
offender on moderation to keep similar posts off the list (or did you?
I'm not sure, I sent 4 or 5 blasts, I think, not sure if all got
through as I unsubbed myself, of course).

best regards


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