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>>I think we should relax a little here. Jose is a grown up and anyway runs
his own
(excellent) cuba-si list. <<

Well, I'll let the crack about my alleged adulthood pass <G>, but on Cuba
Sí, I must plead not guilty.

The list, as well as the che list, on yahoo groups was initiated and built
by  Per Rasmussen. At one point I helped Per spin off a separate "Cuba News"
list (for reposts of press items about Cuba to hold down volume on Cuba Sí),
but in fact the main person working on Cuba News is Walter Lippman, who many
of us ex-SWPers will remember. I am a moderator on both, like several other


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Adam wrote:

>>This is unfortunate.<<

I think we should relax a little here. Jose is a grown up and anyway runs
his own
(excellent) cuba-si list. So no-one important's voice won't be heard. The
Net is big
enougn for all of us, and we probably all speak more than we ought to
anyway. If
Jose wants a break, let him go; I'm sure he'll be back when/if he has
worthwhile to say. He's a smart guy, so he'll definitely be back.

Louis Proyect runs a premier list, one that has self-evident historical
It's good that new people come (and go); and it's also obvious that there
are and
will be provocateurs among them: the more provocateurs, the better the job
Lou is
doing. So let's not be in a rush to judge, OK?

Seaking of rushes and judgment, I gotta say that my dear old mate Nestor is
right about Pinochet and the more he writes in bullet-listed, UN-style
pronunciamentos, the more sure I am that he isn't.

Some comrades around here ought to bone up a little on classical marxist
ideas about
bourgeois law and jurisprudence, starting let's say with E V Pashukanis,
being in such a hurry to dismiss the Enlightenment in its entirety. What we
want is
*more* law not less. Even bourgeois law is better than the alternative.
Nestor is
arguing for *less* law, and that doesn't seem very serious. It was good that
Pinochet was arrested. The fact that a Spanish judge whose education took
place in
Franco times, promoted this arrest even tho' he isn't himself a Communist,
ought not to surprise us too much. It's good that it happened, no matter who
did it.
Yes, bourgeois law is 90% hypocrisy. And yes, hypocrisy is a better illness
outright fascism. As for Castro, no-one is gonna put him on trial, so take
it easy,
and get serious about things that matter, like global warming.


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