After the storming of the Wall (part 4)

Stuart Lawrence stuartwl at
Wed May 2 21:20:58 MDT 2001

> The last few days as I walk around Vancouver, I've been trying to figure out
why I
> feel different. What is this feeling? Is it pride? No, I've been proud of
being an
> activist and an anti-capitalist Marxist for a long time- and proud of my
comrades for
> actions I witnessed or was a part of before. That isn't a new feeling. Is it
> confidence? I've been confident in the justness of our cause as long as I've
been a
> part of it. It took me awhile to come up with a word for it- but I finally
> out what that word is. Relevance. Never before in the five years I've been a
> self-described revolutionary has being such seemed to actually be as
> relevant as it does now. It is that- the feeling that we have something to
offer and
> that people are going to be interested in what we have to say- that is new,
> and utterly intoxicating.

I hope the sense of the relevance and effectiveness of our protest that I share
with Mac after Quebec is not illusory. Mac's article conveys why the the events
in Quebec seemed right for the occasion in so many ways, even if they reflected
circumstances that may not be reproduced again soon in the US or Canada.  For
one thing, the involvement and support of local people was a huge boost to the
effectiveness and spirit of the resistance, while even the presence of mass
protest by organized labor gave moral support albeit little physical assistance
to the militant confrontations at the wall.  Without these components it would
be hard to imagine such an effective showing by those opposing imperialist rule.
It's also likely that other events like the IMF/WB meetings in October will
feature quite different police tactics. As bad as it was in Quebec, the state
hardly pulled out every stop for the repression of protest there.  Washington is
a city under direct federal control and I woudn't be surprised to see
near-martial law conditions imposed there.


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