On Trivilization and disrespect; was: Zionism, Precedent and History

Stuart Lawrence stuartwl at walrus.com
Wed May 2 21:35:13 MDT 2001

I want to publicly apologize to all for conveying the impression that I was
trivializing the subject of an important thread with my post, which was
needlessly obscure and could be read as flippant. I meant to point out how
surrounded we are by symbols meant tolegitimate bourgeois rule, like colleges
named after capitalist politicians.  My comment was not meant to put Jim or Mine
down or disparage the importance of the subject they were discussing.  What I
did want to suggest, in the context of various threads relating
to efforts to bring to justice the perpetrators of historical crimes, was that
this is a process that must start right where we are, whether the criminal is
the President, a university president, or is honored by having the university
named for him.

For what it's worth, I live in a town where the Rockefellers personally
determined how local history in the era of colonization and slavery would be
presented to the world, and the mansion where Nelson lived is now the biggest
tourist attraction, presented of course in the most sanitized manner possible.
Pointing out that these were not good guys is a never-ending battle, which I
have been a part of, thus my freely-associating brain picks up on that theme
when I am reminded of it.

stuartwl at walrus.com

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