The EU question (Response to Louis - II)

Julio Huato juliohuato at
Thu May 3 08:29:30 MDT 2001

Louis wrote:

>I wasn't aware that Marx had a theory of history. I do know that early on
>he supported British colonialism in India, but once he got a handle on
>things, he called them a bunch of god-damned thieves who couldn't do a
>thing for India except suck out its wealth. Or words to that effect.

Call it as you wish, a theory, words in a paper.  Now, the Brits destroyed a
manufacturing industry more productive, churning out better quality goods,
than their own.  India had already established it, but it was dismantled not
by capitalist competition, but by the extra-economic means deployed by the
British Company's monopoly duly backed up with naval firepower.  Unmasking
British hypocrisy in an article written for NY readers wasn't a bad idea.
But, let's look at it from the point of view of the historical possibilities
of India.  If the overall labor productivity in India's economy was so high
at the time, how come they weren't storming Manchester or, better yet,
exporting its scheme to England and help it transition into communism thus
sparing us all this asphyxiating Anglo-American imperialist hegemony?

>What's wrong with a direct leap to "proletarian dictatorship"? I find the
>notion kinda exciting, if you know what I mean.

Nothing.  Why not a direct leap to communism?  Let's have it all already.
And, as we say in Mexico, lemon ice cream on top.

>Unless we can make distinctions between capitalism in Bangladesh and
>capitalism in Switzerland, then we are useless.

I'm for being useful.

>Are you talking about the same Adolfo Gilly who wrote a book extolling
>Zapata and chastizing the Marxist movement of 1910 for failing to
>appreciate him?

The Marxist movement of 1910?  I don't know about that, but you seem to be
on the right track about him.

>So there is going to be capitalist development in the third world. Maybe I
>should go long on the Mexican stock exchange. Got any hot tips for me?
>Lopez Aerospace? Vargas Steel?

How about a proletarian revolution in the US?  Wouldn't that help?  Give us
a signal and this list could go short on the DJ, S&P, and NASDAQ indexed
funds and make enough bucks to fund the economic development of the Third
World.  Well, maybe it would not be enough, but it would jump start it.

If the Third World can leap, why can't the white (and yellow) First World
jump?  Or should the weakest links, on top of being stunt in their social
development by imperialism, always be the Guinea pig?


What's TINA?

>Really? I am much more sympathetic to people like Mao, Castro and Ho who
>would not wait for "a majority" as you describe to come into existence. I
>am afraid that capitalism will destroy the planet before such conditions
>ripen into existence.

That's always a possibility.
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