Gun Boat Diplomacy or Law

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Thu May 3 18:01:35 MDT 2001

In a message dated 5/3/01 Carrol Cox wrote:

<< the bourgeois
 > rule of law, which is incapable of putting the real criminals behind bars
 > etc). It is absurd to argue, as some here do, that per contra it's bad to
 > Pinochet but it's OK (from a socialist or Marxist point of view) to be a
 > criminal, a war criminal, a plunderer of national assets etc, if you
happen to have
 > Chilean or Argentinian or Russian nationality. That makes a complete
mockery of *our
 > own* claim to represent higher and truly universal principles. >>

Who arrests?  Who decides? The Wizard of Id (cartoon strip) said: "The Golden
Rule is: He Who Has The Gold Makes the Rules."

The protection of sovereignty built into international law was a victory
against colonialism, though of course it was violated all the time by the
West - still it put moral authority in the hands of poor nations.  I know
little about the Philippines, but it seems obvious that a U.S. dominated
faction has attacked Estrada because he was in some way not cooperative.  At
least, says the NY Times, the misguided Poor think so...The Times liked the
attack on Estrada who shocked the Times by being corrupt. (Around the same
time, the Times was not shocked by Bush's Inaugural  corporate donors who the
Times reported expected favors for their donations...

Powerful People accused Estrada of "corruption" - the Times said the charges
came from the big corporations and the Church. A fine lot to talk. The Times
did not notice the contradiction.  The times though overthrowing him via a
demonstration of the 1% with cellular phones followed by action by the army
was just ducky, very democratic.  Now, when the other side has taken to the
streets, Powerful People have discovered they have grave concerns about mob
rule, thrats to democracy, etc....

Ordinary people liked him, thought him a defender of the poor, whether
rightly or wrongly I don't know - but the point here is: this is THEIR
opinion (even if it does not pass the "socialist" test of learned Westerners
- even if they are making a mistake this is THEIR mistake and THEY took to
the streets.  What streets would they take to if Estrada had been picked up
at Kennedy Airport?

John Enyang wrote:
"We live in the here and now, and at the moment imperialism
is trying to reverse the hard won gains made against by the people of the
South over the last 150 years. Whether it seeks to do so under the guise
of military humanism, bourgeois legalism or another variant of mission
civilatrice, it must be opposed."



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