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Julio Huato:
>I'm not sure my arguments are heard in academia either. I guess I should 
>check those references.  I really want to share them with whomever may be 
>interested, mainly direct producers.

I think part of the problem is that you are more than willing to offer us
arguments, but little in the way of a finished product. When people get
frustrated with you, they say you are cooking up something like Hernando de
Soto, or Bill Warren or whatever. And then you thrust and parry, saying
something like no that only *sounds* like what you are proposing. But it is
really your own thing, and much better. This makes us worry that you have
something up your sleeve that is not very tasty. It reminds me of the story
of the little boy who hated kreplach.

Mrs. Kushner was so upset about her little Sidney that she went to the
school psychiatrist. "All of sudden, Sidney developed this thing: He just
won’t eat kreplach. The minute he sees them, he throws a temper tantrum!"
"When did this start?" asked the psychiatrist, and when she was finished,
he said. "Show your little boy exactly what kreplach are, make him familiar
with each ingredient, the entire process by which you cook them. And if you
explain each step gently, patiently, whatever is causing his anxiety will

So Kushner took little Sidney into the kitchen with many soothing sounds,
and set him on a high stool, and smiled reassuringly. "So look, Sidneleh
darling, here on the table a little square piece of dough. Dough. Right?
Like I use in making the bread you love. Good? And in the middle of the
tasty little square of dough I put some nice, chopped-up meat. Oh, such
delicious meat!. . . Then I fold over one corner of the little square of
dough—like this, nice, easy--then I fold the second corner over, Just like
the first— and then third corner—my! Isn’t that pretty? Just like a little
hat. And now, the last thing I do is fold over the last corner and you see—

"KREPLACH!," screamed Sidney as he ran out of the kitchen, "KREPLACH!,

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