The EU question (Response to Louis - II)

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> Julio Huato:
> > Little note to Ulhas Joglekar:
> >
> > By "pre-capitalist" relations, I do not mean pre- in the chronological
> > sense.  Marx suggests in Capital that the "primitive" accumulation of
> > capital continues even after capitalism has become dominant in a
> > So, strictly speaking, it's not "primitive" anymore.  But it is
> "primitive"
> > in the logical sense, since once capitalism walks on its own feet this
> type
> > of extra-economic form of accumulation is secondary.  Likewise,
> > pre-capitalist relations in Latin America are still around, so they are
> not
> > pre- in that sense.


> I see what you mean. For a writer like Samir Amin (in his Accumulation on
> World Scale), the mechanism of primitive accumulation tends to be
> characteristic of relations between the Centre and the 'Periphery' of the
> world capitalist system. I am not sure if this is true any longer.

In what sense? will you mind to explain yourself?

Isn't it ironic that two people from the colonized world (one from India
and the other from Mexico) are trying to insinuate that the age of
imperialism is over?

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