Forwarded from Nestor (NAFTA-Marxism)

jenyan1 jenyan1 at
Fri May 4 16:06:14 MDT 2001

On Fri, 4 May 2001, Julio Huato wrote:

> I like it when there's true debate.  NAFTA-Marxism or World Bank
> developmentalism?  Weighty arguments, you guys!  Now, jenyan1, have you been
> following the World Bank lately?  Or you think the WB, the IMF, and the WTO
> are one and the same incarnation of imperialistic evil?
>From time to time I've heard out supporters of the Bretton-Woods
institutions in Africa, where defence of the WB is usually expressed in
terms borrowed from von Hayeck, Milton Friedman and the Chicago School. It
is rarely, if ever, that one hear appeals to Marx and the Grundrisse to
justify  the progressive and revolutionising role of Bretton-Woods staples
such as structural adjustment programs, domestic market liberalisation,
endless rounds of currency devaluations in the name of export
competitiveness and so on.

So, would it be presumptuous to infer from your comments above that you
intend to offer just such a defence? Or was your mention of the World-Bank
really by way of avoiding an issue raised by Nestor: would be very surprising if the process of
  integration/disintegration of the Mexican economy
  as the NAFTA imposes all of its consequences had
  spared Marxists in the dialectically entwined process
  of generation of a consciousness.

> Does NAFTA play in  the NBA or in the NFL?
Julio: I confess my ignorance of basketball. If there's any
humour here, sorry, you've lost me.

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