The EU question (Response to Louis - II)

Julio Huato juliohuato at
Fri May 4 20:08:04 MDT 2001

Nestor wrote:

>Julio Huato despises generalizations
>(which is a pity, because nobody can't think without them) when they
>are made by others, but not when it is Huato who makes them.

No, I don't.  For the record.

I must say that the rest of this Nestor's e-mail has nothing of substance.
He says things illuminating things like:

>I suggested (and still keep
>thinking) that it was impossible that NAFTA did not penetrate in the
>mind of Mexicans

Imagine the validity of the following idea: There's a mess in Argentinian
politics and economics.  That mess must be getting in the mind of Nestor.
Frankly, that doesn't get me far in understanding what's going in Argentina.
  Does it?  Am I going then to complain if he ignores me?  No.  He'd be
perfectly entitled.  Should I insist in having a response?  No.

Nestor seems to believe that his labeling me is an outstanding exercise in
Marxist class analysis and one is forced to address it.  This exercise, he
says, is "full of meaning."  And inspired by this, demolishing my
iconoclastic view that capitalism is progressive in some contexts and
regressive in others, he says:

>The kind of human being that capitalism produces
>is the most pathological kind of human being ever produced, and this
>would be enough to understand what I am meaning.

No qualification.  Well, speak for yourself, Nestor.  And let us all others
born and raised under capitalism speak for ourselves.

Finally, he apologizes:

>Sorry, Julio, I am made of this kind of rugged wood. I recognize I
>will never be a good economist in the usual sense.

No, Nestor.  You're doing just fine.  Keep at it.
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