4709 canisters of gas

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at tao.ca
Sat May 5 02:30:52 MDT 2001

Police in Quebec waged chemical warfare against
    democracy as they used 4,709 cannisters of tear
    gas, 822 plastic bullets.

    The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported
    at the time that the police were firing 30
    tear gas canisters per minute.

Toronto Star, May 3, 2001. 05:01 PM

3,009 cans of tear gas, 502 plastic bullets used at summit MONTREAL (CP)

The RCMP said Thursday it used 3,009 canisters of tear gas and 502 plastic
bullets while dealing with protesters at last month's Summit of the Americas.

That figure is in addition to a previously released statement that Quebec
provincial police used 1,700 tear-gas canisters and 320 rubber bullets.

A Quebec government-appointed panel said in a report last week that police
used ''abusive'' amounts of tear gas.

Police also erred and placed protesters at risk by shooting them with
plastic bullets, the panel concluded.

However, officers did not violate the constitutional rights of peaceful
protesters at the mid-April gathering of 34 political leaders, it also said.

Police used so much tear gas that they had to order more from the United

More than 400 people were arrested and scores were injured during the summit.

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