Nestor's errors

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Actually, there is no point in wasting time with Julio's nonsense. He has
not shown ANY SINGLE EVIDENCE that NAFTA  benefits Mexicon labor in
particular and third world working classes in general. Just talk and
theoretical abstractions. No concrete analysis of Mexican capitalism; class
relations; imperialism; no single factual evidence. His posts have zero
substance to me, besides being a model for apologetic, pro-NAFTA, comprador
third world elitism. Unbelievable!

instead of correcting Nestor's errors, correct your own errors..

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> From: Julio Huato <juliohuato at>
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> Subject: Re: Nestor's errors
> Date: Saturday, May 05, 2001 12:23 AM
> I must say it's not much fun to respond Xxxx's objections anymore.  Some
> so minor, there's no point in wasting time.  And the main ones I don't
> really have to since she always ends up refuting herself.  I'll only
> when and if I believe she's fallen short of undoing her own arguments
> so far hasn't happened).  Amazing!
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