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> NY Times, Sunday, May 6, 2001 
> To Weather Recession, Argentines Revert to Barter
> Bartering, that precapitalist form of commerce popular in Indian villages
> in Latin America even long after the Spanish conquest, is making a
> far-reaching comeback in Argentina as an improbable safety net for a
> forlorn middle class not accustomed to the hardships that are a way of life
> elsewhere in the region.

Of course, this is an adamant backup to our dear Julio Huato and his theory
of "full circle capitalism" in Latin America. I have not seen German barter
clubs sponsored by the German Ministry of Economy as yet, maybe because
barter clubs are not a fashionable fad in Germany. Or maybe because
reversion to barter is a 
sign of some structural problem with accumulation? Or maybe because German
capitalism relies on plunder of specie from Argentina? Ah, please: don't
take the word "specie" in more than an ironic way.

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